Big reasons you should never get a tattoo before knowledge about tattoo insurance

     Under the malpractice category, the first insurance that we will discuss here is the Tattoo Artist Liability Insurance. This insurance is a form of professional liability insurance. It is designed to protect tattoo artists who make a mistake or injures the customer.

This insurance should be a must because we are human, and mistakes will happen. When making a mistake that physically distorts someone’s body, there is a high probability that you will face litigation. Owning this insurance guarantees that the liability is removed from you. Also, depending on your business practices, it would be wised to also extended and increase your insurance range that covers other places you work at, and that includes people who work for you.

This would mean coverage for guest artists, coverage for off-site work (like fairs and festivals), and coverage for those who work as independent contractors. Also, under the malpractice category, another insurance protection that is very similar to the Tattoo Artist Liability Insurance is the Body Piercer Liability Insurance. In the case that an artist happens to make a mistake or physically injures the customer, this insurance removes the liability from the artist. This insurance as a eqgroup is very beneficial to tattoo parlor businesses as it covers both legal and settlement costs that could arise from these accidents. This insurance, however, only covers body piercings but does include surface and genital piercings.

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