Tattoo insurance for business

Having your own business is usually great but it can be stressful as well. Little is likely to be more stressful than being on the receiving end of a claim for damages and then finding that you don’t have the appropriate tattoo insurance for business in place.

What are the risks?

Sadly, there are quite a few of them.

Your business involves, quite literally, people contact. Whenever you deal with people directly there are risks involved. Just a sample of these may include:

customers that suffer injury or illness they attribute to your activities (professional liability insurance);
customers or members of the public who suffer injury on your premises or as a result of it such as a falling roof slate or tripping on a raised carpet (public liability insurance)
a customer who suffers injury as a result of one of your products (product liability insurance);
an employee who suffers injury while working on your behalf (employers’ liability insurance);
business premises and equipment destroyed by natural disaster such as a flood or fire (commercial buildings insurance and office insurance).
The list could be continued but the message may be clear – your tattoo business may be at risk unless you have tattoo insurance in place and, if necessary, commercial buildings insurance.

Is business tattoo insurance worthwhile?

It’s an old truth that insurance is never worthwhile – until about 5 seconds after you’ve had a major problem. In the cases above that involve personal injury, court awards following even relatively moderate instances of injury can be staggeringly high and potentially ruinous without insurance protection – unless of course you have hundreds of thousands of pounds laying around spare!

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It may also be worth keeping in mind that you may have liability for people working on your behalf even if they are not ‘employees’ as such. Temporary or contract workers or even a friend lending a hand may involve you in serious risk if they are hurt in the process.

If you are employing people you may find that employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement. If in any doubt it may be worthwhile taking specialist advice – being legally liable for an injury and in contravention of the law may not be a lot of fun!

Does it cost a lot?

The various forms of insurance protection outlined above can typically be purchased for realistic sums. That is certainly the case when the cost is compared to the costs that may be awarded against you following a successful claim.

Finding out more about tattoo business insurance may be smart move.


Taking out tattoo parlour insurance may not be as simple as taking out a standard policy. If you run your own tattoo parlour then you already know that you are responsible for a specialised business providing specialist services. So, you may find that you need insurance that looks at your specialist needs as well as the standard levels of cover such as buildings and contents insurance.

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Working out what you need from your insurance policy may seem complicated but it doesn’t have to be that difficult. As with any commercial insurance policy you will need certain types of standard cover to insure you against damage, loss or theft. In general terms your buildings and contents cover may give you enough protection to get going.

But, this may not be enough to protect all of your business. The following tattoo parlour insurance tips may be worth thinking about: