First Tattoo Here Are Some Tattoo Aftercare Tips

So you finally got your first tattoo, or maybe this is just a new addition to your tattoo collection that you have, either way, we all need to know some proper tattoo aftercare that we should all do to make sure that our new tattoos stay just the same way they were the first day we got them.

Here are some things that can go wrong with your tattoos and how to deal with them to make sure that these things don’t happen to you with the proper tattoo aftercare tips.

Tattoo Scabbing

Tattoo scabbing is actually a very common thing that happens when getting a new tattoo done. Tattoo scabbing is all part of the healing process that happens. The scab is nothing more than broken skin that occurred during the tattoo process. It’s best to leave the scab alone and don’t pick at it, this could take some of the color away and leave you with a patchy colored tattoo. The best tattoo aftercare for your new tattoo is to keep it covered and moisturized for a few days.

Tattoo Peeling

Tattoo peeling is another common occurrence just like tattoo scabbing is and both are part of the natural tattoo healing process and nothing to really worry about too much as long as you don’t start picking at it. Tattoo peeling will happen.

My tattoo didn’t scab or peel, is this good?

Each person will heal in different ways so this means that the tattoo healing process will also be different so if your tattoo did not scab or peel does not mean that something is wrong, this could just mean that your tattoo is healing a little slower or it might not even peel or scab at all.

Tattoo aftercare tips for you to consider

1-Try to keep your tattoo moisturized with a good moisturizing lotion.
2-Do not ever put an anti-bacterial cream on your tattoo as this will actually take the color out of your tattoo.
3-Leave your tattoo covered with the bandage for as long as your tattoo artist has recommended for you to leave it covered for. The point here is to keep any airborne contaminants from entering your broken skin that could give you an infection. This could be as long as 48 hours that you will need to keep it covered.
4-Soak your bandage with Luke warm water before removing it; this will prevent the bandage from sticking to your skin.
5-Keep your tattoo clean by washing it with a mild soap, don’t use a wash cloth when washing, and just use your hands.
6-Keep your tattoo moisturized by applying a good moisturizing cream. Try to stay away from petroleum based products as this could make your tattoo itchy and the last thing you want to do it start scratching it.

How long does it take for a tattoo to fully heal?

The full healing process of your tattoo and how long it takes to heal really depends on your tattoo aftercare and what you do to help the healing process, but the average time it takes for a tattoo to heal is anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

During this time you will notice your tattoo going through some changes, one that I want to note here is what is called the onion effect or onion skin as many know it.

What is onion skin and how do I know if I have it?

You will know if you have onion skin when your tattoo looks better and has more color when wet. This just means that your tattoo is likely to peel with small flakes of colored skin coming off. This is nothing to worry about, just don’t pull the skin off instead let it fall of on its own. This should happen within a week or so after getting your tattoo and will clear up and allow the full colors of your tattoo to start to show

Remember to keep the following in mind for your tattoo aftercare during the healing process of your tattoo.

*Avoid soaking your tattoo as this can draw out the color. This means taking short showers, no swimming, avoid sauna’s etc.
*Keep your tattoo away from the sunlight until it is fully healed. As hard as this may seem, it is necessary and you will be glad that you did it. Don’t even apply sunblock to it, it’s best to keep your tattoo covered while outside.
*Don’t pick or scratch at your tattoo as this might pull of some of the color and possible reopen your tattoo to infection. If your tattoo itches, rub some lotion on it.
I hope that you have found these tattoo aftercare tips helpful.