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All different tattoo designs

With the thousands of different tattoo designs online, sometimes it might be a little daunting to come up with, or choose a tattoo design that fits your own personality. No one wants to really have the same exact tattoo as the next person.

Tattoos are really something that shows who you are, and your own personality. We all have different meanings for the tattoo that we get. It might be something about our kids, parents, spouse, or even a favorite pet. The ideas of tattoos that you come up with is an extension of you and how you feel.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly tattoo designs to me fall into the same category as hummingbird tattoos. They are very beautiful tattoos for woman and girls, but you don’t see them to often on men. what a great artist can accomplish with the depths of colors  is super cool.

To many, the symbolism of the butterfly centers upon its unique transformation. From one existence as the slow and crawling caterpillar, then to the dormant and captive chrysalis or cocoon, and finally the rebirth into a light and airy winged creature, the metamorphosis of the butterfly is one of its most powerful and uplifting meanings.

Cross Tattoo Designs

Cross tattoo designs are something that you will see as more of a tattoo for a man, but you do see many woman having tattoos of a cross.

These tattoos could mean so many different things, to so many different people, that it’s really hard for me to give what a cross tattoo symbolizes here, I don’t want to offend anyone.

The different designs and tattoo combinations that anyone can come up with using a cross as the main symbol is unlimited.

Using the image above, you could add a hummingbird to the tattoo to make it a little different. Instead of a barbwire cross like in the image, you can go for the more generic and original cross designs also.

Just make your tattoo fit what you like and modify it for your liking.

Dragon Tattoo Designs

Dragons tattoo designs are one of the most popular mythological creatures around. You even find dragons in many popular movies. They descend from various legends, telling tales of fire-breathing, winged creatures.This is a great tattoo idea for just about anyone, and are one of my top favorites. Dragon tattoos have so much detail involved, it may be hard to find a real good tattoo artist that’s capable doing dragon designs for tattoo.

For many people, including myself, the dragon represents;

-Courage and Strength.

-Undeniable Raw power and force.

-Protectors of life and sacred items.

-Wisdom and reason.

I hope that I have maybe given you a few ideas for tattoos that you can make, or even add to your tat that you already have.

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