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Hummingbird Tattoo Designs

Hummingbird tattoo designs are generally seen on woman, they make for beautiful tattoos. They’re usually combined with either flowers or vines or a combination of both. Colors can be bright and beautiful or be black and white. Any hummingbird tattoo design will be stunning either way. The lower back is a favorite location for these bird tattoos.

Some people associate hummingbirds with freedom, intuition and even birth. To some however, they mean very little, they’re just a beautiful little adornment worn with pride, especially when a talented tattoo artist has just inked you.

In ancient times, it was thought that hummingbirds were fairies. Their rapidly beating wings, and small stature, would at times have looked like a fairy zipping around flowers. Hummingbirds are part of Brazilian and Indian folklore, which adds to their mysterious ways. They are also believed to have powers that go beyond the supernatural. One old wives tale employs walking around with a dead hummingbird as a necklace. This was meant to attract the person whom you desire, honestly, I can think of better ways!

My woman getting their first tattoo will choose a bird tattoo. Hummingbird tattoo designs are close to the top along with eagle tattoos and swallow tattoos. A hummingbird tattoo is a thing of beauty, and the bold colors are something that many people favor in order to make it even more stunning. I think my favorite tattoo is the hummingbird tattoo. The hummingbird is a cute bird, small but agile in the way they fly and hover. I love watching them fly around the feeder.

Many people often get this hummingbird tattoo design on their shoulder, so it looks like the hummingbird is sitting there like a guardian angel. A small flower or vine in the tattoo will draw even more attention to its location and beauty.

Tattoos designs have sure changed over the years. Tattoo Artists are getting better with the different designs they come up with. You can find hundreds of different designs of hummingbird tattoos online by simply searching for them.

If you cannot find suitable hummingbird tattoo designs then you may be able to make your own up, they are relatively simple. Just a quick browse on the internet and you’ll find many different designs that will appeal to you, or even just parts of designs that you will like. You can then take different aspects of each drawing to design your own unique hummingbird tattoo.

Once you have your design set, simply find a good tattoo artist. The best people too ask are your friends and family who have tattoos. They would know who to go to, and who to avoid. Checking your local phone book also for tattoo artists would be a great place to start. If you would rather do your research online first, you may find a local tattoo designer online, this way, you can see samples of their work before you go to their studio.

Here are some of my favorite hummingbird tattoo pictures.

Hummingbird Flower Tattoos

Some of the most beautiful Hummingbird tattoo designs are the ones with flowers. They can really show a true life picture of the hummingbird hovering at its favorite flower and drinking its nectar. A great tattoo designer can really make this picture of a hummingbird come to life. The depth of colors and realism that can be achieved from this tattoo is simply amazing.

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