A Guide to Airbrush Tattoos

What are airbrush tattoos?

Airbrush tattoos are a type of temporary tattoo applied with an airbrush and often a stencil. This type of tattoo uses formulated paint that sits on top of the skin. Airbrush tattoos, originally developed by moviemakers, provide a long-lasting, realistic tattoo. Nowadays, these tattoos are not only used in the entertainment industry but they have entered the world of arts and crafts. Everyone from adults to kids love to get these temporary tattoos and many wants to learn how to apply them. It is quite a fun craft and one that can be profitable too.

What supplies do you need to get started?

In order to get started with airbrush tattooing, you need the proper supplies. These include an airbrush, air hose, compressor, airbrush-ready paint, stencils and something to paint on. There are also all-inclusive airbrush tattoo kits that can be purchased. One such kit is the Master Airbrush Tattoo System which includes everything you need to get started with airbrush tattooing, including hundreds of tattoo stencils and a free guidebook:

master airbrush tattoo system

After you have all the supplies, test it out. For beginners start on a piece of paper until you get a feel for how the airbrush works. After this step, move on to a human subject such as yourself or a family member or friend that would like an airbrush tattoo. To begin, decide on the placement and position of the tattoo. After that, lay the stencil and airbrush away. Note: It is best to avoid areas that generate more heat such as the neck because the tattoo will not last as long.

How long do airbrush tattoos last?

These temporary tattoos generally last anywhere from 2 to 7 days. How long an airbrush tattoo lasts depends on a few factors. These factors are placement, as previously mentioned, as well as skin type and aftercare. An airbrush tattoo in an area of the body more prone to perspiration will not last very long. Skin type also plays a part in the longevity of the tattoo. This type of tattoo tends to not last long on those with oily skin as the paint is more easily dissolved. As for aftercare, scrubbing on the tattooed area should be avoided and the tattoo should be kept as dry as possible.

How much can tattoo artists charge?

Airbrush tattoo artists are hired for a fixed fee at parties and special occasions or set up their own stations at carnivals, fairs, and other events. The cost to hire a tattoo artist for an event varies from place to place, usually ranging between $90 – $175 per hour. Per tattoo charges range between $5 to $30 depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo.