How much does a finger tattoo hurt?

Any tattoo artist will warn you that putting ink on the hands usually brings a little bit more pain, in comparison to the other areas of the body, mainly because the hands have an increased density of nerve endings. But How much does a finger tattoo hurt after all? And can the pain be too much to bear in some cases?

Absolutely not! If you are considering making one and you already have a pattern in mind, then there should be nothing standing in your way. However, there are other areas suitable for tattooing, such as the back or shoulders where we feel much less discomfort or pain during the actual procedure, so choose wisely and take other alternatives into account when you start searching for tattoo galleries and designs. And if you are really stuck on the idea of getting a meaningful finger tattoo, then here is what you need to know.

finger tattoos for girls

An ingenious design of finger Mother example of how women tattoos for women can use finger tattoos
On the one hand, there might be an increase in the pain felt during the procedure, but this makes little difference as the entire process of completing an elaborate finger design is not as lengthy as the one needed to finish a full-scale back tattoo, with or without complex and intricate patterns. In other words, even if the pain is greater, your troubles will end sooner, thus making hand tattoos a perfect choice amongst female tattoo enthusiasts and even novices in the body modification field. As a result of the short timeframe that artists need to complete these pieces, finger tattoos are extremely sought after by those looking to get the first tattoo. And if they can do it, then so can anyone! Our advice, as always, is to be careful and resort to a professional and licensed tattoo artist, so as to be sure he or she has all the permits and health certifications needed to run a clean and safe tattoo parlor.

inside finger tattoo ideas

On the other hand, there is one thing you need to keep in mind when considering the possibility of embellishing your fingers with funny symbols and words. Statistics show that the most requested places for laser removal of tattoos are the hands. Surprising or not, the vast majority of finger tattoo fans are in their teens or barely legal of age. Tattoos on the fingers, or inside the hands, have become extremely popular nowadays especially among adolescents and this can also be due to celebrities and stars of the moment, like Miley Cyrus, who are strictly followed by their fans and have inspired several tattoo designs in visible areas. Keep in mind, though, that the cost and pain of a funny finger pattern pressed in ink can later on be doubled by the pain and cost posed by a removal procedure of an outdated image or embarrassing message. However, these are aspects to be considered when getting any visible tattoo, regardless of the specific position.
In the end, all that matters is that you are satisfied with the final outcome and the pain will be forgotten. In order to overcome any discomfort, you must truly love the new piece of art which will be beautifying your body from now on.