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good girl tattoo

Although tattoos do not distinguish between men and women, many good girl tattoo have a strong gender bias. Too masculine patterns are definitely not what girls want. For the little girls, those simple and fresh cute designs are their favorite. The size of the pattern does not prevent the tattoo from becoming a perfect work of art. Often small patterns can inspire the tattoo artists and design those with Special meaning tattoo patterns. Below are our selection of the best 12 tattoo designs for small girls, hoping to bring a reference for your choice.


Rose is a theme that girls can never avoid in tattoos. It is a popular tattoo choice for men and women worldwide. The minimalist design of the rose tattoo is perfect for those cute little girls, wrists and arms are our most recommended tattoo parts.


The crown is the representative of the man. The crown is certainly one of the best tattoo choices for girls. It seems to reflect your queen’s temperament. Having a crown tattoo is the dream of many little girls. It’s important to put it in the right place. In addition to our common arms, the inside of the finger is a fresh and popular choice. You can hide it at any time. stand up.


The heart-shaped pattern is also a favorite of girls. This kind of design can show your cute side no matter where you put it in the body. There are many ways to design a love tattoo. Choose a style that you like and put it in the area you are happy with so that it will add luster to you.


Wing tattoos have many important symbolic meanings. They can show you what kind of person you are and what kind of personality you have. Wings often represent the yearning for freedom. It is the best choice for your dreams. Having such a meaningful tattoo will not make you regret it.

Four-leaf clover

Flower tattoos are a popular choice for girls. In addition to roses, we can also think of many tattoo themes for girls. The four-leaf clover is one of them. Four-leaf clover tattoos often symbolize good luck, and you can use it to ease your boring life and bring you happiness.


The dandelion tattoo is a very feminine design. Its seeds flutter in the wind, just like your heart that yearns for freedom. You don’t want to accept restraint and hope to explore the unknown world. Arms and collarbone are a good choice.


The seagull can represent both the endless sky and the endless sea. The seagull tattoo is a symbol of freedom, purity and peace. Although it does not seem so popular, its symbolic meaning is one of the best tattoo choices for girls.


Many girls like cute little pets and puppies should be the most popular pet choice. If you have a cute puppy, having a minimalist puppy design is your best bet.


Lollipops are like our childhood. It remembers the fun and sweetness of our past. With a colorful lollipop tattoo, you can show your cute childlike side. Are you excited?

Small fish

Small fish is a common fish in our lives. Even if you don’t like it very much, you will definitely be attracted by this amazing design. Pisces tattoo can also represent you as a Pisces constellation.


Although we rarely see dolphins in our lives, you have to feel good about this cute animal. Dolphin tattoos represent love, affinity, vitality, and spirituality. This must have the meaning you want.


Twinkle and sparkling, the stars are one of the most popular choices for girls’ tattoos. When you look up at the night sky, you will be fascinated by its beauty. You don’t need any reason to choose such a star tattoo.

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