Animal hand tattoos - totem tattoo

Animal hand tattoos

Tattoos are meant to convey a specific meaning. animal hand tattoos are a great way towards self-expression, especially when the said animal affirms a particular attribute. Some tattoos are meant to express a bohemian lifestyle (artistic), beauty and majesty, derogatory, racist, mystery or even strength. For ages, animals have been common tattoo symbols. Certain animals represent powerful symbols whose meaning could span across hundreds of global cultures.
Movies like the Black Panther, Cat Woman, Batman, and many other superhero films achieve their inspiration from certain animal traits. Such literature has also influenced and transformed the tattoo scene. Whether these tattoos are a fashion trend, it is seemingly clear that most people consider them gorgeous; while a few others externalize the character of their animal totems depicted on their animal hand tattoos. The fascinating part is that they have meaning and later on this text, we will describe the most popular totem tattoo animals.

According to Native American Legends, each person is connected to nine totem animals that act as their spiritual guide throughout life. However, one animal remains a person’s sole guide and it this main animal that acts as their aspiration and spiritual guide. Hence, some individuals have been able to relate to this one animal in different ways to the extent of sharing the interest through art, dreams and even vision.
Your totem animal might, therefore, be an animal that constantly appears in your dreams, maybe in drawings that you frequently encounter in books you read, postcards or even a certain animal that you will often see while on nature walks.
Let us take you on a discovery journey through some of the most popular totem animals that you can have as your tattoo. Or if any of them is your totem animal, it’s not a bad idea to have it drawn as your tattoo.
Apart from tattooing which is modern art, since time immemorial; Native American tribes used totem animals as a way of tribal identity. The animals would be conveyed on carvings dubbed as totem poles upon which totem pole animals would be used The totem poles were something like an ancient coat of arms.
The US coat of arms has an eagle as its totem animal. The eagle is one of the most common animals that you will find on totem poles, team tattooing and coat of arms. The reason behind this remains the symbolization of the eagle as a powerful, focused and independent animal. Just like the Lion has been conveyed as the king of the jungle, most cultures convey the eagle as the divine king of the birds.
Dragon Shoulder Tattoo
The dragon is usually portrayed as a symbol of dominion, conquest, ruthless and honor Inking the majestic image of the dragon across your shoulder commemorates the fantasy master of fire, liberty, flight, and aggression.
Raven Tattoo
Ravens convey mystery and an essence of fear Modern epic films like Game of Thrones and Atlantis have used ravens to portray bad omen, anguish and impending danger Legends have it that ravens were once whit. However, during the floods of Noah when Noah sent the Ravens to test whether the floods had ended. The sent Ravens did not return with a message but rather decided to settle on the land. This action angered God and he punished them by turning them black.
Tiger Tattoo
The tiger is one of the fiercest animals on earth. A tiger totem represents courage, bravery, strength, and stability. Most people prefer having only the tiger’s face on their tattoo while a few others may have the entire tiger’s body tattooed. Those considering have a tattoo on their chest, thighs or back shoulder, the tiger totem is one of the best.
Bear tattoo
The bear is yet another common totem pole animal that conveys aggressiveness, enormous strength, and courage. The white polar bear represents both strength and approachability. In cases that call for self-defense, you would rather fight bravely to protect your interests. However, when it comes to a peaceful environment full of self-satisfaction, you remain playful, calm and responsible.

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