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Small Tattoo Designs

Most everyone when they think of getting their first tattoo, they first start with small tattoo designs that can be placed in an inconspicuous place on their body. Not everyone wants their first body art to be noticeable because it’s something new for them and their not too sure what family members and friends,

or even co-workers will say, this is why a hummingbird tattoo is so popular for anyone’s first body art.

Some of the best places on the body to get any type of small tattoo designs are on the foot, ankle, lower back and the back of the neck. Small tattoo designs are hugely popular. Did you know that 25% of the population has some kind of body art? That’s 1 in every 4 people! With so many small tattoo designs, how will you decide what’s right for you?

Small Hummingbird Foot Tattoo

Small foot tattoo designs are often a very striking tattoo design. The designs used to make foot tattoos are often small, simple designs, which can be intricate as well. Tattoos are very personal symbols and reflect different aspects of a person’s personality.

People often decide to get these types of small tattoo designs, as they can be hidden very easily and would not cause a problem at the workplace for instance. Since the canvas available to make the body art on the foot is pretty small, it is important to choose one of the appropriate designs, such as a hummingbird tattoo, that can really show who you are. If you want to have an elaborate foot tattoo, and are not really worried about the visibility, then you can start at your foot and go all the way up your leg to your waist. A hummingbird tattoo with vines and flowers would be a great design.

Small Hummingbird Ankle Tattoo

Small ankle tattoo designs are usually the first choice for woman and girls. Many women choose the ankle first because of the fact that this area can easily be shown or covered. The foot and ankle is also an incredibly attractive body part to men. Many men are already interested in women’s legs, and the natural progression is to look also at the ankles and feet.

Another reason why many women and girls choose the ankle is that they don’t want tattoos that are very big or noticeable. Your ankle is, obviously, a relatively small body part, so any type of tattoos that you choose to put there will necessarily have to be of equal size. That way, you won’t have to worry about taking care of, or hiding, if need be, a large tattoo design. A hummingbird tattoo is already a great small tattoo design and would fit in this place perfectly.

Small lower back tattoos (often called “tramp stamps”) are the most common for women. The lower back is a sexual and sensual area, and many love that you can see just a small glimpse of it, or other times, the full thing when exposed. While hummingbird tattoos are the very popular, things like flower tattoos, dragon tattoos, tribal tattoos, and other symbols are hugely popular also when it comes to a popular small tattoo designs.

small hummingbird lower back tattoo

Small, back of the neck tattoos have been used to show off the way you think, your personality, culture, and your unique style. Having a small tattoo design on the back of your neck is one of the best options for sporting simple and small tattoos. Generally, back of the neck tattoos can be worn by women as well as men, however, small and simple tattoos may only look good on women. For men, it’s usually a good idea to get a single bigger body art done, or combine that tattoo with a shoulder or back tattoo to create a real intricate design. However, there are some men who prefer to wear simple tattoos on the back of their neck, which do not have a feminine look. An example of this would be a Celtic cross, or even a Chinese symbol of some sort.

small hummingbird back of neck tattoo

It’s important also too always, when you decide on getting a small tattoo design, to really spend some time figuring out the design that you want and like. Don’t just go to your local shop and get just any old tattoo flash that is on their wall. If it doesn’t really speak to you, and if you don’t feel a deep connection to it,

clearly it’s not the small tattoo design for you and within a few years or so, you will not be as joyful with the body art and possibly even regret getting it, as you once were. So instead of going to the tattoo shop to pick the design, instead spend some time and think about some of the design types that speak to you. There are hundreds and thousands of design ideas that you can find online for free.

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