A sleeve tattoo is one of the popular tattoos. Apart from being on the arm, these tattoos look like sleeves since they are known to cover a large part of the body(arm)with small or no visible skin. The designs of the sleeve tattoos are entangled and complicated. The rock band boys used to tattoo this. However, nowadays you will see numerous young ladies wearing tattoos with sleeves on their arms, footballers, celebrities, actors, etc.

Animals designs are one of the exciting ideas that a lot of people use to explore their sleeve tattoos. For instance, the cat group usually communicates strength speed, shrewdness, and authority. These are characteristics that a man needs to be associated with. You can pick a tiger, lion, panther or jaguar. In case you want to be friendly, you can pick dolphins, horses, fish, dogs or birds maybe you have certain affinities with any of these animals. If you want an animal sleeve tattoos, below are the top designs you can go for;

Tattoos of a dog

The dog is one of the most loyal animals on the globe. They are cherished by individuals. We regularly see the tattoo of a dog on the arm of a man which represents the dog he once adored, however no longer alive. This kind of tattooing is mainly seen among firefighters and cops who lost their German shepherd dogs and Dalmatians on duty.

Felines tattoos

Felines are the most loved creatures of numerous ladies, so tattooing is a natural decision. Felines are strong, amazing and graceful. Excellent tattoos for ladies can be from a big feline such as a tiger, a lion, a panther or even your very own tattoo household feline. The felines are expressive. You can choose the kind of mood that you want to express your cat’s tattoo. You could get a tattoo made by feline curling up or resting or stalking feline.

Dragonfly tattoos

Dragonflies are similarly associated with the late spring and live to the fullest since dragonflies live one summer and after that die in the fall. They are as well linked with happiness and thriving. Dragonflies are quick and strong, so dragonfly tattoos can be a change for the better.

Tattoos of a tiger

It symbolizes loyalty. Although the lion is viewed as the king of the wilderness, many feel that the tiger is no less. Some even believe that the tiger wins because of his agility in case of a battle between a tiger and a lion. Therefore, a tiger represents strength, power, bold and control.

Tattoo of an eagle

The eagle represents the national bird of the united states of America, it is usually a tattoo subject for the Americans. It means freedom but it as well implies Zeus or the sun.


Regardless of whether it’s a full-sleeve tattoo, a half-sleeve or a quarter-sleeve, it’s essential to pick a design that suits you. This is possible in case you telling a story about yourself or it has a meaning in your life. If everything falls under this category, there will be no regrets in the end.

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