25 Unique Steampunk Tattoo Ideas

Steampunk tattoo is a new word in 2018 tattoo fashion that has brought into the limelight a whole collection of cool tattoo designs for men and women. Before we get to the gallery of 40 unique steampunk tattoo designs let’s find out what means steampunk and how it is expressed in fashion.

Steampunk fashion is already a separate line that implies everything found in science fiction novels. Now the images from beloved books and heroes are real and it is so cool to see them around. It is a unique mixture retro and futuristic styles and this mixture has created so many gorgeous pieces of clothing and accessories.

Steampunk tattooing style is a completely new type and new culture of tattooing that requires highly professionalism of a tattoo artist. Steampunk tattoo is all about mechanical details pictured in 3D style. This type of tattoo looks pretty impressive on shoulders, sleeves and feet. It seems that your body is a machine and your skin is torn here and there revealing your mechanical parts.

Besides of 3D tattoos steampunk tattooing style includes images of heroes of novels. These images are all massive tattoos. Steampunk tattoo can be placed not only on shoulders, sleeves and back, but also on ribs, spine, fingers and neck.