Unique tattoo star and moon

Universe is the source of energy and inspiration. Constellations, planets and stars attract us with their mystery. Being so far, we constantly try to reach them and reveal the mystery. While technologies are developing to make it possible for everyone to reach the stars we will admire them on our bodies.

tattoo star and moon just like constellation, galaxy and particular celestial bodies’ tattoos is very symbolic. It has general meanings that one may interpret but you can get a star tattoo to symbolize your special goals and dreams. It may also symbolize the goal that you have completed and the more starts you have the more goals you have reached in your life. In general, star tattoo symbolizes your sacred wishes, individuality, good luck, success, faith and transformation. Star tattoo is also the symbol of the breast cancer survivor.

There are different types of stars with different symbolism and meaning so before getting a tattoo star and moon you should learn all the available types ad find the one closer to your personality.

Shooting star is the symbol of a bright moment in your life like a romantic affair, the birth of a child, wedding and etc. It will always remind you of that happy moment in your life.

Nautical star will lead you in your life and show you the right way. It is the symbol of guidance and protection and nautical star if often pictured with a compass.

Pentagram pointing down is Devil’s symbol while the star pointing up symbolizes balance and protection. The points of pentagram symbolize four elements and the fifth point stands for the Spirit.

The Star of David is the most important symbol in Judaism. It has six sides symbolizing the interaction of humans with Divine. The six points symbolize six days of the week and the center of the star is Sabbath.

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