Simple mountain tattoos

2019 tattoo trends offer a whole collection of new symbol tattoos that been forgotten for a while and now they are pictured in new styles and look even hotter. One of such symbols is simple mountain tattoo that is now considered a cool and trending symbol tattoo. The meaning and the symbolism of mountain tattoo is no less than its aesthetic features. Check out this collection of mountain tattoos with meaning and pick a cool mountain tattoo for you

General symbolism of simple mountain tattoo is power and stability. Mountain can withstand wind and earthquake. The one who wears mountain tattoo is a strong individuality that had left long journey and obstacles behind.

Ancient tribes still worship mountain as a sacred symbol of power. Most tribes built their communities on the slopes of the mountains to be protected. Mountains had the same sacred meaning in Japanese and other Asian mythologies. Women went on pilgrimage to mountains to get blessed and have good luck.

Modern simple mountain tattoos are divided into three styles. Traditional colorful mountain tattoos look impressive and stylish. Such tattoo is bigger and eye catching. They are placed in visible places and attract much attention. Next style is modern colorful mountain tattoo that is even more popular and stylish. Mountain tattoo also includes sun and moon images completing the meaning of mountain tattoo.

Modern monochromatic mountain tattoos are inked in linework and dotwork styles. They look simple yet they have the greatest impact as a modern tattooing style.

Where to get mountain tattoo? Modern tattoos are smaller and can be placed on wrist, rib, arm, shoulder and back.

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