Elegant Magnolia Flower Tattoo & Meaning

One of the most elegant and gentle flowers that has now become a beautiful tattoo style is magnolia flower. Delicate petals look so intricate and tempting on woman’s body while the symbolism and meaning of magnolia flower tattoo makes it even more special. For those who are looking for an elegant tattoo, those magnolia tattoo designs will definitely be inspirational

Just like other flowers magnolia flower is found in many ancient cultures with unique symbolism. The meaning of the flower depends on the color. For example, white magnolia will symbolize purity, the pink one means love and joy. The green color is the symbol of life while the purple one symbolizes compassion.

Magnolia is found in Chinese culture symbolizing purity and nobility. In Shanghai, magnolia is the official flower of the city and you can find endless forests of magnolias blooming in Shanghai. Magnolia is the city flower of Houston as well.

Traditional magnolia flower tattoo is colorful with gentle petals. For 2018 tattoo artists are using new tattooing techniques to get even more adorable and gentle flower tattoos. you can find black and white magnolia flowers, lined flowers and watercolor magnolias that keep the touch of realism and at the same time look so unreal.

Where to get magnolia flower tattoo?

magnolia tattoo is mostly middle-sized flower that is inked on visible parts like arm, shoulder, back and foot. It can be a single flower or several blossoms in a beautiful composition.