50 Fantastic Lion Tattoos

Thinking about an animal tattoo first thing that comes to your mind is a lion tattoo. It comes all the best features you are looking for. It looks impressive in any tattoo style including traditional realistic styles and modern geometric designs. Together with styles designs, lion tattoo has a very special meaning that can make your personality even brighter and complete.
The first symbol of a lion tattoo is power and strength. As the king of jungles, it rules and leads. Wearing a similar tattoo will make you feel confident and strong. The image of a lion was found in the culture of ancient civilizations. Lion symbolized Leo constellation and zodiac sign. In Greek mythology, Heracles wore the skin of the lion symbolizing his power. The lion was often used by kings as the symbol of the kingdom and was pictured on the emblem of royal houses.

Lion symbol tattoo is suitable for both men and women. Massive tattoo with a fierce roaring lion is more often chosen by men. Still, we are a 100% sure that elegant woman with a gorgeous lion tattoo will have jaw-dropping look. No less popular lion tattoo styles are modern geometric tattoos that can be inked in small sizes.

Where to place lion tattoo? Such impressive tattoos should definitely be inked on a visible place like shoulder, sleeve, finger, back and chest. The style of a lion tattoo will depend only on your personal preference cause all the styles are worth to be chosen.